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At the aristopattz orgy, it's bring your own condoms and byob

Pip pip, cheerio. Tea and crumpets.
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Rob Makes Our 'Ginies Tingle, Fuck

About Us

aristopattz is a NON SRS BSNS community dedicated to Robert Pattinson. Us classy bitches are here for the lulz. Expect a ton of epic things, sexy smut, fapping material, and friends.

Community Lowdown

POSTING: ANYTHING ROB RELATED. Interactive posts are the shit. Off-topic posts are legit, just not in excess. NO BASHING. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO POST!

TAGS: Please tag your posts! If you don't, Sydnie will literally ban your asses for real. No, just kidding. But let's be simple about this; please use the community tags so we can keep everything organized.

LJ-CUTS: If you have so much effing Rob stuff to share that your post is effing huge, then please use an lj-cut. If you're all like, and what the fuck is an lj-cut?, then go here to find out.

THAT'S NOT FUNNEH: Posting offensively funny, raunchy, inappropriate content is allowed, so if you're easily insulted, do not join this community. Whiners, drama queens, and those prone to having bitchfits will not be tolerated. Do not pm us to complain about other member's posts or comments. Just GTFO.

The Classy Mods
consciencieuse | juicybrisket | lalameanslove | madcowre | sophistabitch | zombiexbunny

Feel free to ask us anything! We're super nice! Please use Page-a-Mod to contact us.


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